Rural Zest

Written by Philipp Schiwek and last edited by Garry on


Düsseldorf is fortunate to sit between and alongside beatutiful open spaces and true rural zest; on the one side Bergisches Land and on the other the Niederrhein.

The area of Mettmann just a few minutes to the east belongs to the Bergisches Land (hilly ground) and within a few minutes it is possible to be in the midst of green countryside surrounded by meadows of cows and horses. Old cottages can be found here as well as black and white half-timbered houses with their green shutters and characteristically slated roofs.

Signs of a rich industrial heritage such as viaducts nestle between silky hills and valleys, beside streams, small woods and meandering creeks. A large part of the landscape has been declared nature parks, where some of the highlands reach a height of 500 metres or so.

The region of the Niederrhein (lower Rhine) with its calmer landscape reaches out in the other directions. Country life can be experienced in this region which is dotted by many smaller villages, towns and cultural sites. The varied landscape is a precious biosphere for animals and plants. Professional care is taken of the flora and fauna in both large and small conservation areas.

The charm of the Lower Rhine is also revealed in the gently sloping flood plains and hillocks as well as the moorlands that are characteristic of this landscape. Broad meadows and fields lined with willow trees and natural hedges as well as many streams sit together with forests on the alluvial plains.