A unique town close to Düsseldorf

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© Stadt Meerbusch
© Stadt Meerbusch
© Stadt Meerbusch

In close vicinity to the state capital of Düsseldorf, eight districts are gathered together to form a unique place called Meerbusch. Eleven kilometres of riverbank, elegant Büderich and lively Osterath are complemented by cosy Lank-Latum, Strümp, Langst-Kierst, Ilverich, Nierst and Ossum-Bösinghovenof. All are nestled amongst large expanses of forests, meadows and farmland.

Surprising Meerbusch

Stylish neighbourhoods reveal elegant boutiques and interesting stores. Marvellous restaurants for dinner combine with an eclectic mix of traditional places to take a regional beer or a glass of wine at any time of the day. The countryside offers many opportunities to walk or hike; through trees, fields, nature protection areas or sandy shores of the majestic river Rhine. A vibrant artist community can be discovered here too.

Attractive Meerbusch

Düsseldorf airport is easily reached as well as the legendary motorway network. From stunning villas to country style and estate living; modern developments and traditional architecture coexist side by side. Many international and local businesses are located here attracting many expats to the town. The local Japanese community is the largest in Germany.

Events in Düsseldorf

With excellent exhibitions in many art venues and museums and fascinating events almost every month, the kaleidoscope of things to do in Düsseldorf is surprising. Carnival, the Fun Fair, Christmas markets, Japanese and French festivals and the Altstadt all attract the crowds.

Relocating to Düsseldorf

Desirable districts in Düsseldorf include lively Oberkassel, Hafen and Derendorf, the quieter Zoo and Kaiserswerth neighbourhoods and also Flingern or Altstadt for the more adventurous. Consider also such formalities as registration, drivers and pet licenses upon arrival in this rather unique city.

The County

The county of which Neuss forms the heart and quasi capital is known as the Rhein Kreis Neuss, where some 450,000 residents can be counted. A host of international firms have chosen to relocate to the region surrounding the county's administrative seat of Neuss.


Plane, Flight, Airport

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Düsseldorf Airport is the third largest airport in Germany after Frankfurt and Munich. During recent years it has gained importance as a hub for intercontinental flights and is only ten minutes or so by taxi from downtown.


Pets in Düsseldorf

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Bringing a pet is relatively easy, however, dogs need to be registered when they accompany a family relocating to Düsseldorf. Owners may then take their pet virtually anywhere including out to dinner. Dogs need to be micro chipped, vaccined and licensed. A leash is a must under many if not most circumstances.


Funfair in Düsseldorf


River, cruise boat and funfair in background
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Millions of visitors flock to the Düsseldorf funfair to enjoy new and traditional funfair rides, roller coasters, carousels and to partake of tasty foods and beverages. The largest funfair on the Rhine takes place in the district of Oberkassel along the shoreline of the river Rhine directly opposite the old town.




Stadt Meerbusch


Rathaus Dorfstrasse 20

40667 Meerbusch-Büderich , NRW


Phone: +49 2132 916 333

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