Close Countryside

Written by Philipp Schiwek on


An hour’s drive or so from Düsseldorf, typical, diverse European vegetation can be experienced in the close countryside. The result of a mild continental climate, these are some of the most beautiful landscapes in Germany.

The Rhine Valley

Following the Rhine Gorge the rock of the figure of the legendary Loreley can be found. The Loreley is the region’s landmark and many tales have been told about her. Further north, the region is famous for its charming gentle river flood plains, hills and moorlands. Large meadows surrounded by hedges and trees, the landscapes of the riversides and the bordering alluvial forests are highly inviting.

The Munsterland

To the North of Dusseldorf a vast area spreads between The Netherlands, Niederrhein, Ostwestfalen-Lippe, Osnabrück Land, Emsland and Lower Saxony. The landscape is dotted with many conservation areas and characterised by agricultural use. The area in and around Münster is famed for its extensive network of paths for cycling. Examples of the famous breed of horses can be seen everywhere.