Sleeping Over

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Dusseldorf boasts wide range and a large selection of hotels. Five at the top of the range, some twenty four star hotels, numerous business and three star establishments as well as small and cosy guesthouses.

A room can be found to suit most needs on most nights of the week. Even so, space becomes so tight during the city’s many trade fairs that prices skyrocket and hotel ships have to be brought in to cope with the influx of business travellers. That translates to a lack of space for all accommodation from luxury properties to relatively basic accommodation during large exhibitions.

Five Star Hotels in Düsseldorf

Düsseldorf offers a surprising choice of five star accommodation considering its population of six hundred thousand. Locations include the Königsallee, the harbour peninsular or a short distance from the international airport and motorway access for the cities of the Ruhr Metropolis such as Essen.

Four Star Hotels in Düsseldorf

The variety of four star hotel brands range from international brands to national champions, all offer good quality and their specific individual style. Every hotel is fairly close to something of interest such as the shopping boulevard Königsallee, the harbour, the old town or the river banks.

Long Lease

Some expats and business visitors seek autonomy, more independence and a better sense of real life before settling down in unfurnished, longer term housing in Düsseldorf. Due to the comings and going of tens of thousands of international employees, furnished apartments are quite readily available.