Rail travel to and From Düsseldorf

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State owned rail operator Deutsche Bahn. remains strong in Germany. In recent years, the company built their fast network known as the ICE. They are comfortable, fast and normally more punctual than the rest. Eurocity and Intercity trains complement the service.

Some north-south trains run through Düsseldorf on their way past Dortmund and onward to Bonn and beyond. Many others avoid Düsseldorf altogether travelling instead via Wuppertal.

Local trains (Regionalbahn) pack passengers like sardines morning and evening in all directions to outlying destinations. Most tickets in the Verkehrsverband Rhein Ruhr regions are valid on these trains. Heading south brings passengers into the neighbouring Verkehrsverbund Rhein-Sieg

Passengers and local media frequently complain about quality and punctuality standards. Smaller private competitors on a few routes tend to be more popular.



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