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The public transport system in Düsseldorf is safe, efficient and sensibly priced and using it is fast, comfortable and easy. The major operator, Rheinbahn, has invested heavily in recent years in rolling stock and staff training, resulting in a smooth ride that is mostly second to none.

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The metro or subway system is updated regularly and the latest Wehrhahn link presents refreshing, integrated artwork on platforms and exits.

A densely woven network of tram (Strassenbahn) routes both above and below ground as well as buses serve the city, its suburbs and some neighbouring communities. Links via the S-Bahn rail system of Deutsche Bahn reach further outlying areas, many of which are interwoven by strategically placed park-and-ride facilities.

Regional Travel

The Rheinbahn is part of the Verkehrsbund Rhein Ruhr (VRR), the organisation linking services within the greater Rhine-Ruhr district, the largest metropolitan area in continental Europe. Prices are set in continuous rounds of corporate and political haggling due to the tensions caused by public spending issues.

As in most cities, tickets are grouped into zones according to distance. Short trip, standard single, multiple trip, day, monthly and group tickets with different types of validity periods are available. Many can be purchased in the trams using coins only, ticket machines at the stops, online or at the travel office downtown. Fares are not dependent upon the means of transportation, so are valid for bus, tram, subway as well as transfers.

An Insight

Renowned British newspaper the gauardian has published a well researched and informative article on the new Wehrhahn metro line. With a few impressive images of the artwork too. View Article.



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