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Dusseldorf is a modern, pulsating city with many beautiful sights such the picturesque Königsalle and the view from the riverside promenade over the banks of the Rhine.

Düsseldorf is also the capital of powerful North Rhine Westphalia and as such, the seat of the the state parliament (Landtag). This brings with it typical representative visits from certain dignitaries.

It is a compact city which effortlessly combines traditional buildings from the turn of the last century with modern architecture. Many stunning streets with beautiful apartment buildings in districts such as Oberkassel and Flingern can be enjoyed as can remarkable commercial examples from great contemporary architects. Daniel Libeskind has designed the stylish Kö Bogen between Königsallee and Hofgarten, which was Germany’s first public park, while Frank O Gehry has placed some typical slanting offices in the Media Harbour.

Then there is the (normally) peacefully flowing river Rhine, weaving its way through the town and uniting former settlements on both banks. Opposite the promenade it offers wide, open spaces to stroll, play with the children, picnic, walk the dog or fly a kite.

Combining international flair with the sophisticated elegance of an economic centre, its Rhenish cheerfulness makes Düsseldorf a great choice for expats to live.



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