The Tower

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Originally built for radio and television broadcasting, the Rheinturm (rhine tower) is the highest building in Düsseldorf and at 240.5 metres, it towers above everything else in the state capital.

Its platform affords an especially impressive panorama of the city and surrounding area. Whether the harbour (Medienhafen), the old town (Altstadt), the court gardens (Hofgarten), the famous Königsallee or the majestic river or even Cologne during fine weather. The high level restaurant rotates 360 degrees in every hour, first in one direction then the other.

The tower also houses a unique decimal timepiece formed by coloured light-emitting diodes in its stem. Created by local designer Horst H. Baumann, the clock is separated into three sections, each with two sets of lights. The lamps designate tens and singles for hours, minutes and seconds.