The Promenade

For strolling, relaxing and enjoying the atmosphere

Written by Philipp Schiwek and last edited by Garry on

© Amazing Capitals / DeiaGreg
© Amazing Capitals / DeiaGreg
© Amazing Capitals / DeiaGreg

The world is full of legendary promenades where life vibrates. They are simply places to be where bohemians, business folk and tourists mingle. For some years, Dusseldorf has had its own riverfront (Rheinuferpromenade) with adjoining urbanised harbour (Hafen).

In earlier days, the river shore was traditionally used to load goods out of and onto barges transporting merchandise and goods into the old town (Altstadt). Today, there are just a couple of pleasure boats that set sail here for tours on the river, which are offered generally from April until October. The noisy dual carriageway of previous years has been buried in the tunnel below.

The former port has been splendidly regenerated and transformed into an architectural potpourri of old and new buildings. The Medienhafen (media harbour) is home to several TV, media and advertising companies have settled there. It offers a blend of fashionable upscale restaurants, bistros and clubs as well as hotels. The NRW Parliament (Landtag) building and the Rhine Tower can also be found here. The Gehry buildings at the entrance to the area have become one of the city’s landmarks.

The promenade itself is a sidewalk on the east banks of the Rhine of about three kilometres in length. Glancing across the river, the pretty houses in the district of Oberkassel can be seen. On the same riverbank, the fun fair (Kirmes) takes place every year during the summer.

On sunny days it’s possible to meet an extraordinarily diverse number of people. They stroll, sit on the benches, ride bicycles, skate, jog, play patenque, watch street performers or simply relax and enjoy the view. Locals and visitors alike indulge in sitting in small bars and cafés sipping an Altbier (old beer) or a coffee and gazing at the passing barges and the sunset.