Luegallee & Oberkassel

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Street view of tramlines and roads
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Oberkassel was originally farmland. Then four founders of the Rheinbahn bought most of the land. The majority of the residential buildings still stem from the late 1800’s and early 1900’s, creating a charming atmosphere today.

Always a desirable neighbourhood, now it is in high demand and sought after. Three groups of people live here. The first, old established generations, include some who played football on quiet residential streets in their youth. Others came later because it was pretty, quiet and relaxed. Finally a forever increasing number who have moved in because the district is fashionable, some even say hyped.

The latter may pay more rent or much higher purchase prices, park larger cars and spend fewer hours in the neighbourhood. All residents, employees of local corporations and patrons of great restaurants and bistros get on extremely well together.

The busy main axis of the Luegallee reveals boutiques, supermarkets, telecommunications and a few individual fruit and veg stores, bakeries and cafes. The Dominikanerstrasse is a cosy, tree lined residential street with desirable gastro joints to eat and drink.

German street names are written in various ways, for instance Dusseldorfweg, Dusseldorf-Platz or Dusseldorfer Strasse. The latter, literally meaning the street leading to Dusseldorf, gives an insight to when Oberkassel was a village.

Young and old, foreign or national, fashionable or relaxed, rich and less successful, people here love to spend time on the sprawling river bank, walking their dogs, dining out or having a drink at the bar.