City Topics in Düsseldorf

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Diverse annual research results reveal that the inhabitants of Dusseldorf are some of the happiest and most contented in the world.

This may be in part due to the lack of urban sprawl. As the State capital of NRW, the city represents the seat of power. Yet Düsseldorf is extremely compact in comparison to the megacities of the world. The commercial and retail centre is a pleasantly small collection of streets flanked by parks and the river.

The waters of the Rhine flow a normally tranquil path past the old town on the way to The Netherlands, entering the North Sea near Rotterdam.

Facts about Düsseldorf

Some 600,000 people live in the city of Dusseldorf and over fifteen percent of its population is comprised of foreigners. Dusseldorf is a major centre for telecommunications, banking, consulting and advertising and it is an important hub for international accountancy.

Gas Lanterns

Some sixteen thousand gas lanterns adorn the streets of Düsseldorf, making the city the largest urban area covered by this aged technology. Some say the warm glow is second to none while others fear for their safety in spite of an excellent track record of reliability.

Twin Towns

The city of Dusseldorf currently supports six town-twinnings. International commitments started in 1988 with Reading in the UK, Warsaw in Poland, Haifa, Israel and Chemnitz of the former GDR. Moscow in Russia followed in 1992, Chongqing in central China in 2004.


Street Art

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Many examples of street art can be found tucked away in residential side streets and more openly on house frontages or bridges. Kiefernstrasse is an exciting street to visit. In Düsseldorf, graffiti has outlived its day and property or vehicles are less defaced in most places.


The Harbour

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New structures in the harbour have been erected in a rather eclectic and hapazard way to reveal a modern and lively and diverse mix of businesses interspersed with an increasing number of residential properties. Some older buildings have been renovated or extended.