Düsseldorf and The Location

Düsseldorf, nestled in the west, in touch with the east

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Düsseldorf offers a unique blend of conspicuous consumption and beer-drinking bonhomie The location also combines world-class shopping and cultural attractions with the down-to-earth charms of the Rhineland.

Many cities claim to be at the heart of Europe; located midway between London and Berlin, yet Düsseldorf can make a better case than most. Brussels, Frankfurt and Amsterdam are also close at hand, and popular holiday destinations like Palma de Mallorca are just two hours flight away.

As the capital of the German state of North Rhine-Westphalia, Düsseldorf has a population of above 600,000 and doubles as Germany’s fashion capital, as well as playing host to many major corporations. Cosmopolitan, fun loving and unabashedly chic, Düsseldorf delivers big city life on a human scale.

Big city business, small town charm best decribes the cosy capital. The location is desirable and a great place to live, work and stay.

Public Transport in Düsseldorf

Courtesy of the Rheinbahn, public transport in Düsseldorf is efficient so waiting is generally kept to a minimum. A densely woven network of subway, trams and buses reveals an opportunity to alight on virtually every corner of one of the most compact cosmopolitan cities in Europe.

Pets in Düsseldorf

Bringing a pet is relatively easy, however, dogs need to be registered when they accompany a family relocating to Düsseldorf. Owners may then take their pet virtually anywhere including out to dinner. Dogs need to be micro chipped, vaccined and licensed. A leash is a must under many if not most circumstances.


The whole state of NRW offers an almost perfect, broad network of circular cycling routes and plenty of cycle paths can be found along the banks of the Ruhr and Rhine rivers. Many smaller rivers and the canals also offer wonderful trips. Trains and trams help cover long distances.


City Topics

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As the State capital, the city represents the seat of power yet the city is tiny in comparison to the megacities of the world. The commercial centre is a pleasantly small collection of streets flanked by parks and the river. Residents are some of the most contented in the world.


Getting Around

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Düsseldorf is a rather compact city to navigate and fairly simply laid out. Public transport and taxis can be found on nearly every corner. The town centre itself consists of a few streets located next to some parks and the river. Distances are manageable.


Sleeping Over

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Dusseldorf boasts wide range and a large selection of hotels. Five at the top of the range, some twenty four star hotels, business and three star establishments as well as small and cosy guesthouses. Caution is required during the city’s many international trade fairs when inquiries can reveal a full house.