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© Colin Sinclair Bartholomew
© Colin Sinclair Bartholomew
© Colin Sinclair Bartholomew

A unique art concept conceived by the international artist Colin Sinclair. The innovative model is based on his vast experience in various avenues in the creative world which expands from theater and stage performance to dance, choreography and fashion design as well as film making, photography, music production and script writing.

The idea for this new project raised from his personal experiences in these artistic fields. Discovering that being an artist has two sides: Having the artistic freedom and being at the mercy of the spectator.

These conflicting aspects lead to the following conclusion: Being an artist means being courageous!

As a result of this awareness he was compelled to create a supportive platform for every kind of artist such as painters and designers, writers or film makers, musicians, poets and performance artists for example. Through this they receive the rare opportunity of creative and individual development, constructive feedback and more self-confidence in their own creative work via a secure foundation and art loving atmosphere.

Presenting their creative work to a wider audience can be metaphorically seen as an open heart surgery. As every artist knows putting their heart and soul into the work leaves you vulnerable and at the mercy. Open Art Surgery encourages the artist to be ‘open’ to experimentation and risk taking, so that creative hearts can beat faster.



Sinclair Arts

Berliner Strasse 20

40668 Meerbusch , NRW


Phone: +49 2150 706 406

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Events take place at the Kulturbahnhof-Gerresheim
Heyerstrasse 194 40625 Düsseldorf


Colin Sinclair graduated from The ʻUrdang Academy of Ballet and Performing Artsʼ in London. He then started a long career as an Artist. Traveling to Norway and Sweden he worked as a dancer and actor in Musical Theater and shows for Scandinavian television.

He was co-founder and choreographer of the ʻAbstract Dance Companyʼ, which toured Europe extensively for two years. After returning home to London, he worked as a freelance teacher and choreographer. His next project was an ambitious one. He formed a new Dance Company called “Metropolis”. The dance company again toured, this time visiting the Canary and Balearic Islands for
further two years. Performing in Theaters, Hotels, and Casinos and on television with glamorous Las Vegas floorshows.

Colin was the executive Choreographer for Showcase Entertainment as well as resident Choreographer for The Talk of London Showroom. In both positions he wrote and developed concepts for forth coming productions as well as producing and directing. He has had the great honor of performing for and meeting the late Princess Diana. More recently he performed in the Peter Maffay musical “Tabaluga und Lilli”.

Colin holds a ʻNew York Film Academyʼ Diploma and has written, directed and produced several award winning short films as well as producing over a dozen original theater plays. He is also the founder and Artistic Director of The Sinclair Arts Theatre Company.

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Events take place at the Kulturbahnhof-Gerresheim Heyerstrasse 194 40625 Düsseldorf
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