Socialising in Düsseldorf

Getting in touch with others in similar circumstances

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Some locations give a larger sense of community than others. In Düsseldorf, a few international and bilateral clubs welcome expats who enjoy being part of these friendly institutions. Listen to after dinner speakers, special speeches on current topics and meet with other English-speaking residents from home and abroad. Get together for events and meet up for a bite or a drink.

Some parents have set up their own networks and play groups to get together with like-minded expats and locals to confer on everyday experiences.

And Amazing Capitals has also set up groups on a few of the social networks to help readers get connected, if they so wish.

American Women's Club

Members of the club are from over 35 countries including the USA and Germany. The club is open to both women and men who live in Düsseldorf and beyond, who have an interest in social activities and community service within an American cultural setting.

British Business Club

A forum for business men and women of all nationalities hosting dinners with speakers. The informal atmosphere aids valuable exchange and forming professional and social contacts amongst expats. Sports and get-togethers round up the club's programme.

Deutsch Britische Gesellschaft

The society hosts regular speeches to stimulate debate on current economic, political and cultural issues. Goals include promoting German and British relations, informing on aspects of British culture and lifestyle as well as encouraging personal contacts in and around the city of Düsseldorf.


Bistros in Düsseldorf

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Dusseldorf has some fine, unique bistros to grab a tasty latte, cappuccino or a decent light meal with a refreshing wine or beer. Take time out to relax, recover from the buzzing street life, watch passers by and interact.


Open Art Surgery

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Everyone who has a love for the arts and mutual respect for artists is invited to enjoy the creative atmosphere of the Open Art Surgery monthly happenings. What makes the inspirational evening program so special is the aspect of interactive communication and exchange between guests and artists.


Pubs in Düsseldorf

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The variety of pubs in Düsseldorf is quite extraordinary. Most serve home brewed Altbier (old beer) while one serves the lighter brew from Cologne known as Kölsch. A surprising number of Irish Pubs are available for those with a taste for Guinness or Murphy's.