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THINK Global School is a fully accredited traveling high school, grades 10-12, where you’ll live and learn in four countries a year, making unforgettable connections between your education and the world around you. Students who join us for the 2017-18 school year will journey to Botswana, Japan, India, and Spain before traveling to four new countries every year after.

What sets our school apart?

A THINK Global School education combines an academically rigorous project-based learning curriculum, a competitive 1:5 faculty/student ratio, student-driven and technology-forward teaching philosophies, and integrated service learning to create a 360º educational experience that’s never limited to the classroom. Here, you’ll not only become an exceptional college candidate but also a true game-changer: someone who understands how the world works and has the courage and compassion to make it a better place.


Your new best friend could be from anywhere. With diversity at the core of our mission, we’ve welcomed students from over forty countries and all socioeconomic backgrounds, ethnicities and systems of belief. By reaching across cultural and geographical divides you’ll begin the tough work of overcoming biases not just for yourself, but for all of humankind.


Tuition is based on each family’s financial situation and varies from student to student. We strongly encourage qualified students from all economic backgrounds to apply.


THINK Global School students represent dozens of countries, languages, experiences, passions, and talents. Here’s what they all have in common:

  • A desire for an unconventional, progressive high school experience that directly engages global issues
  • A thirst for active learning that cultivates personal characteristics as much as academic success
  • A record reflecting a strong work ethic, drive for excellence, and self-motivation
  • A commitment to improving themselves, their communities, and the world
  • Exceptional maturity, adaptability, and resilience in unfamiliar situations
  • Advanced written and oral English skills – English is our language of instruction
  • A strong community orientation, a collaborative spirit, and a positive attitude
  • Parents who are active and supportive participants in our innovative school model and community

Ready to Apply?

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THINK Global School

1460 Broadway Street #7032

10036 New York , NY

Unites States

Phone: +1 646 808 0675

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Admissions and Enrollment

While our classrooms may be anywhere in the world, our headquarters remain in New York City. Whether you’re a curious student or a proactive parent, here’s how to get in touch:

Phone: +1 646 504 6924