Volunteering in Düsseldorf

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Two people presenting the Grand Départ, Tour de France 2017
© Landeshauptstadt Düsseldorf / Melanie Zanin

At present the city of Düsseldorf is appealíng for volunteers to become involved with the organisation of the Grand Départ Düsseldorf 2017 of the Tour de France.

Numerous opportunities to volunteer are coming up early Summer 2017 to assist organisers with Le Grand Départ of the Tour de France in Düsseldorf. Those wishing to be a “Tour Maker” should be over 18, possess a secure and friendly personality and enjoy working in a sports environment. Important areas are route securing and guest care. Knowledge of languages is advantageous. Apply online (in German).

The benefits of volunteering can be profound. Whether on a one-to-one basis, helping at a food bank, in a charity shop or offering pr bono services. I’ll be adding to this article when I hear of interesting causes.

Opportunities to Volunteer

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