Impressions of Düsseldorf

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Düsseldorf is a great place to relocate and reside for a while. Much has been written, much said, many quality of life reports created and many opinions stated. The pages on Amazing Dusseldorf aim to paint an honest picture and help readers to relate to life in the city.

But what do international residents think? If anyone wishes to write something personal that may help to create an impression and submit their article, we will consider it for publishing here; either with full credits or anonymously. Meanwhile…

Urban Feel

Dusseldorf is a modern, pulsating city with many beautiful sights such the picturesque Königsalle and the view from riverside promenade on the banks of the Rhine. Combing international flair with stylish elegance, its Rhenish cheerfulness makes Düsseldorf a great choice as a place for expats to live.

Personal Opinion

This is a personal opinion about a special place that was once your writer's home. Fashionistas still roam the inner city and the place has become surprisingly cosmopolitan. Friendly and still an easygoing village, it reveals secret places to eat, refuel, relax and shop.

Gas Lanterns

Some sixteen thousand gas lanterns adorn the streets of Düsseldorf, making the city the largest urban area covered by this aged technology. Some say the warm glow is second to none while others fear for their safety in spite of an excellent track record of reliability.