Essentials and the new eBook

The first insights for Expats in Düsseldorf

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When moving to a new home in Germany, a few regulations need to be followed. Germany has rules for everything and as they say, if it isn’t regulated then it’s not permitted. A few other snippets of information may serve to make the transition to a new home in Düsseldorf smoother.

The eBook offers insights to enable the reader to acquire a quick overview of their new location. A few enlightening stories and experiences are combined with articles about Düsseldorf, the city’s institutions and a welcome from the Mayor can be discovered as well as brief introductions to many topics.

Düsseldorf is a fine city. I hope you find this new publication an easy read andof assistance when settling in.

Thank you for your interest in the first Amazing Capitals eBook. Free to download and available to share, no sign up required.

Be well, Garry