Relocating to Düsseldorf

Many desirable districts in a welcoming city

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Expats relocating to Düsseldorf will notice the city’s desirability translates to property purchase prices and rents that may be among the highest in Germany. Though not extortionate when compared to, say, London, New York or Hong Kong. Another cause of the residential squeeze is due to the phenomenon that most young professionals live alone with flat sharing is not so widespread.

Popular districts in the city include Oberkassel, Hafen and Derendorf for those wanting a more enchanting and lively neighbourhood, Zoo and Kaiserswerth for the quieter, family oriented and Flingern or Altstadt for the more adventurous.

International professionals, specialists and managers will find a wide choice of helpful service companies ranging from relocation agencies, estate agents and the official expat service desk. Parents can also choose between the German school system or a selection of international schools in the region.

Matters to consider when relocating to Düsseldorf are definitely registration, drivers licence conversion and a pet license for dod owners.

Relocation Agencies in Düsseldorf

Professional assistance for relocating is at hand for both companies and individuals to help weigh the sometimes hidden pros and cons of a locality. Using a partner can provide a level of support needed to start a new job while completing a smooth transition into a new environment.

Personal Opinion

This is a personal opinion about a special place that was once your writer's home. Fashionistas still roam the inner city and the place has become surprisingly cosmopolitan. Friendly and still an easygoing village, it reveals secret places to eat, refuel, relax and shop.

Welcome to Düsseldorf

A warm welcome to Düsseldorf and Amazing Dusseldorf, a bespoke collection of information for international residents in their foreign location. Whether you are preparing your move, have recently arrived or already a resident, we wish you an very enjoyable stay and much fun navigating your new home.


Driver License in Düsseldorf

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When driving in Düsseldorf it is necessary to convert a driver’s license (Führerschein) issued by a foreign country to a local German version within the first six months. Following that time, the original license loses its validity and driving in the country is no longer permitted.


Expat Service Desk

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The Expat Service Desk offers initial information concerning living and working within the city of Düsseldorf and the county of Mettmann. This official organisation bundles information, networks and institutions. Gain comprehensive support from us on official procedures and aspects of everyday life.


Pets in Düsseldorf

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Bringing a pet is relatively easy, however, dogs need to be registered when they accompany a family relocating to Düsseldorf. Owners may then take their pet virtually anywhere including out to dinner. Dogs need to be micro chipped, vaccined and licensed. A leash is a must under many if not most circumstances.