Waste Disposal in Düsseldorf

Coloured bins for every type of rubbish

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The local waste disposal company responsible for collecting refuse in Düsseldorf is AWISTA, with a mammoth name and experience stemming back to 1862. Privatisation in Germany has not reached the extreme lengths of other countries with huge Spanish or French players ruling over rubbish bins. The system is efficient and reliable yet sometimes trucks make a great deal of noise and cause traffic delays.


Making an earlier start at aiming to save important resources, the Germans are famous for having one of the most efficient recycling systems in the world.

Different coloured bins at home are available; grey (grau) for general waste; blue (blau) for paper and cardboard; yellow (gelb) for plastic, metal, small electrical gadgets and cartons; brown (braun) for biological, food and garden waste. Glass belongs in various containers on the streets. Collections take place at predetermined intervals, depending upon the type of bin.

Batteries, electronics and other waste such as chemicals need to be collected as do bulkier objects. German streets are infamous for their piles of collectables and junk (Sperrmüll) gathered by hunters from many countries and locals alike. Glass can be disposed of many containers around town.