Insurance in Düsseldorf

Coverage for each and every eventuality

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It is often said that Germans belong to a nation whose citizens are over insured. For instance, some possess an insurance policy (Versicherung) for travel calamities yet pay for credit cards which have travel insurance as part of the package. And then make an online flight booking with further insurance.

On a more serious note, insurance is available in Düsseldorf for every situation and competition in the marketplace is rife. The list of policies is never ending; property, glass, accident, liability, pets and so on.

Health insurance is a legal obligation for nearly all expats who relocate to work. Naturally, vehicle insurance is too.

Health Insurance in Düsseldorf

The compulsory health insurance landscape is highly complex with two or three options available to most expats relocating to the country. The health system in Germany is constantly stretching the finances of the social system, resulting in ever increasing insurance donations.

Liability Insurance in Düsseldorf

The cost of personal liability coverage in Germany is minimal compared to the risks. While Germans may not be quite have achieved the the litigation level famous of the Americans but they love to keep the courts occupied, creating a backlog of litigation that is sometimes astounding.

Property Insurance in Düsseldorf

Insurance companies offer most policies that consider the size of the home and value of contents with many based on an average value according to total square metres. Then further options are available that affect costs. Under-coverage can be costly in the event of a claim.