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A possible lack of understanding of some simple though necessary red tape when abroad can cause friction and lead to insecurity. Not being aware of some of the peculiarities of the German fiscal system, for instance, can also be expensive. The lack of knowledge on formalities such as church tax can mean paying rather large sums that are not refundable.

Help is at hand. Professionals at EGSZ, Erkens Gerow Schmitz Zeiss, have been focussing on the needs of Expats and their employers for many years, enabling expert guidance with tax, social security and legal needs.

Many of the FAQ’s include: how to deal with costs caused by the job; are costs for a flat in Germany or for travelling back to the family at the week-end deductable; how to deal with two social security systems; is it possible to receive German child benefits?

Competent tax and legal experts assist and support from the early beginnings of settling in as an expatriate in Germany throughout the stay and, importantly, beyond eventual departure. Help on offer includes: advice on tax issues; preparing annual German income tax returns; application of wage tax deduction; optimizing social security positions; application for child benefits; services regarding labour laws.



Erkens Gerow Schmitz Zeiss

Björn Christian Gerow

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Phone: +49 211 172 5715

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