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Engaging a leadership coach who is specialised not only in face-to-face strategies but also experienced in distance telephone coaching is an ideal method available to the mobile expatriate to attain sharpness. The independence that this method provides is highly important to busy managers who travel frequently, especially abroad or oversees. Another ideal advantage of distance coaching for an expat is, when they move on, continuity of the relationship can be guaranteed. Wherever they are.

French citizen Véronique Beltz with her company PEOPLE EDGE, has such a track record. Very human and personal in her approach, she coaches regularly in English, French, German and Spanish. Highly travelled herself and a resident in many countries, she understands and lives the cultural differences accompanying the four languages. She is well prepared for communication to be different to expectations.

They coach international managers and leaders who are fast and sharp thinkers and those who aim to become so. Examples of industries are pharmaceuticals, IT, telecoms and high tech.

Improve upon your personal effectiveness, performance and leadership qualities in an environment, which whilst serious, creates a great atmosphere and involves much laughter, lots of fun and aids positive interaction.

The argument for personal development of corporate individuals has been well documented and the resulting benefits to careers proven. Whilst many business professionals regularly exert themselves in physical training, the advantages of investing in mental prowess are immediately noticeable. Coaching on the phone really does work! Try it if you haven’t done so already.



People Edge

Véronique Beltz

81 Avenue Louis-Casai

1216 Geneva


Phone: +41 22 755 0320

Cell: + 41 76 404 2357

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