Catering in Düsseldorf

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Inviting friends, family and sundry guests into the home is fun. Preparing the guest list, writing the invitation, coming together, cooking alone or in unity and then enjoying the results can be terrific. Then comes the clearing up. Get togethers at the office are yet another topic.

Alternatively, external caterers small and large are available in Düsseldorf. A passionate few understand their clientele, interpret needs and desires well to then give that little extra.

Fine Food Caterer

Offering full catering services, the excellently qualified and experienced staff at this fine caterer are the perfect partners for events. Their concept is one of consistent development and their philosophy is one of achieving results that exceed clients expectations.

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fine food catering - Fröhlich GmbH

Yorckstrasse 21

40476 Düsseldorf , NRW


Phone: +49 211 302 3650