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Trash, garbage, rubbish. Whatever we call it, this global phenomenon created by humans is unfortunately at home in Düsseldorf too. The vast majority of residents and tourists consider the environment and respect nature. Others are less aware. Factor in the occassional overflowing of the waters of the Rhine and the result can be even more overwhelming.

The result? Beautiful river banks, municipal parks and spectacular scenes are no longer inviting. Plastics, general litter or worse are everywhere.

Make a Difference to Düsseldorf

It is a fact that local authorities are cash strapped, their coffers drained. Düsseldorf has presented a balanced budget for many years, yet the result can naturally be challenging. Private initiatives are able to pick up some of the slack.

One marvellous example is the annual clean up day (Dreck weg Tag). Expats and German nationals join together to help clean up their neighbourhood or a specific area of the city. Whatever our political beliefs, whether we think more tax Euros should be spent on this topic or not, anyone can slip on a pair of sturdy gloves, grab a tough bag that are provided, invite friends and family and help.

Other fine examples are ongoing

Thomas de Groote is kindly coordinating efforts to create continuity and involve international organisations. His contact details are mail: and mobile: +32 478 444 610. People are making a difference. And the year 2018 is extra special since initiatives are already ongoing.




Ingo Lentz

c/o Messe Düsseldorf GmbH

40474 Düsseldorf , NRW


Phone: +49 211 456 0666

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Clean Up Düsseldorf 2018

The Düsseldorf Clean-up part IIl will be begin in Oberkassel at the Oberkasseler Bridge and include the beautiful river banks.

Feel free to turn up at short notice but it would be great to hear in advance that you will be joining in. Bring your kids, dogs, friends and join us in making a (small) difference for our city…

Thomas de Groote is doing a great job of coordinating efforts. His contact details:
Mobile: +32 478 444 610

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