Giving back or joining in

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Relocating can also mean dislocating. When moving from location to location social input to the local community can fall away. Creating new connections in Düsseldorf to a new social environment is beneficial to many expats and can give a sense of belonging.

It can also be a pleasant surprise to the local nationals, assist in improving dialogue and making connections.

Waste Disposal in Düsseldorf

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The waste disposal system is efficient and reliable yet sometimes trucks make a great deal of noise and cause traffic delays. And making an earlier start at aiming to save important resources, the Germans are famous for having one of the most efficient recycling systems in the world.


Open Letter on Plastics

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Plastics do not disappear. They are broken down to micro plastics that pesticides and chemicals can attach to. These are eaten by plankton, to then enter our diet through the fish we consume. Micro plastics are also in tap water as well as bottled water. They must be in other beverages. We eat and we drink them. In ever larger amounts.


Rhine Clean Up

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The first international Rhine Clean Up is being organised on September 15 2018 to coincide with World Clean Up Day. At the time of writing, involving Germany, Switzerland, Austria, France and The Netherlands. Enthusiastic people will come together in over 50 tlocations to remove much of the trash that infests this majestic waterway.