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Düsseldorf is a wonderful city for families and single people alike. Yet even to such an easy foreign city as Düsseldorf, a move can leave the partner of a relocated expat somewhat challenged. Community services are well organised and plentiful and the process of settling into local life can be eased by a number of institutions. Several international clubs that welcome new members are available here, some of which are often willing to provide advice and give support to newcomers.

As for setting up home, the quality of stores for furnishings and fittings are second to none. Competition is high amongst telecommunications companies but be forewarned, things don’t happen overnight in Germany. Service levels of many of the established giants can be quite frankly atrocious. Contracts and deals are a jungle.

Local utilities companies offer complete services, while a few national giants and lower priced competitors are also available. Expect similar confusing tariffs as in other countries. In an emergency, response times are normally extremely short and the assistance offered is professional. Those who have brought a pet can expect loving attention and high quality care from local vets.

Pets in Düsseldorf

Bringing a pet is relatively easy, however, dogs need to be registered when they accompany a family relocating to Düsseldorf. Owners may then take their pet virtually anywhere including out to dinner. Dogs need to be micro chipped, vaccined and licensed. A leash is a must under many if not most circumstances.

International Library Düsseldorf

The International English Library offers Germans and international residents alike a large collection of some twenty-six thousand books written in English. They cover fiction and non-fiction and many other genres. The central library behind the central railway station also has a good selection.

OV Movies and Films in Düsseldorf

Original language movies in Düsseldorf current week on the new design format! English language movies are being screened again following the opening of local cinemas and movie theatres. Please visit the new Amazing Capitals Düsseldorf eGuide for expats relocating to and living in Düsseldorf.


Postal Service

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The major company people (have) to turn to for most of their postal requirements is called simply the Post who offer many services including automated package collection stations. An alternative operator is Hermes. Mailboxes are placed in many locations all across town.


Anglican Church in Düsseldorf

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The evangelical Christ Church gives services in English language in Düsseldorf. Providing a spiritual home, church services and religious support for international English-speakers in the Düsseldorf and Ruhr region are offered regularly. Its members are varied in background, age, and denominational heritage.


Electricity in Düsseldorf

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In Germany, the cost of electricity is not normally included in the additional charges (Nebenkosten) when renting a house or flat, so a decision needs to be made concerning power suppliers. Stadtwerke Düsseldorf is the local utilities company of choice in Düsseldorf.