Experts in Düsseldorf

Professionals to assist expats during a stay

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Used to being provided with excellent service at home, some expats may need to rethink some expectations when abroad. The emotional relationships to clients differ in every country and can certainly be different in Germany.

The language barrier is a fact where translation of different thought processes complicate matters. Friction can arise through differing expectations and because of misunderstandings during conversation. Also, the knowledge, or lack thereof, of regional specifics of technical processes can further confuse matters.

Many local companies and individual professionals excel at what they do. Some are specialised in serving expats relocating to and residing in Düsseldorf through expert advice and experience.

Fine Food Caterer

Offering full catering services, the excellently qualified and experienced staff at this fine caterer are the perfect partners for events. Their concept is one of consistent development and their philosophy is one of achieving results that exceed clients expectations.

Erkens Gerow Schmitz Zeiss

Professionals at EGSZ, Erkens Gerow Schmitz Zeiss, focus on the needs of Expats and their employers, enabling expert guidance with tax, social security and legal needs. Competent tax and legal experts assist and support from settling, throughout the stay and, importantly, beyond eventual departure.

Car Caretaker in Düsseldorf

Since 1979, Norbert Beumer has been giving caring service no matter what make or model of motorised vehicle. From service to repair, cleaning or rental, qualified assistance can be found for every situation through the highly competent hands of this team of specialists.


Tali Lichtenfeld

© Tali Lichtenfeld

With a background in HR, organizational behavior and psychology as well as an expat herself, Tali Lichtenfeld specialises in coaching expatriates. Especially those going through a move to a foreign country feeling lost and others whose life, career and relationships are all changing.


Rechts- und Steuerberatung Schmidt

© Schmidt

A law and tax firm offering comprehensive legal and tax advice and support for expatriates and companies in the context of international assignments. Long-standing expertise in the field of national and international tax law helps clients confront complex tax regulations that are becoming increasingly sophisticated.



© Progedo

From the search for housing and logistics of a move through to the completion of all related formalities which can include speeding up the process of integration, dealing with local labour law requirements, language courses and cultural awareness training; Progedo gets new employees up to speed.