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The delightful France Festival is happening in a few days for lovers of French flavours; befitting for a city that some locals refer to as “Klein Paris”. The next big event coming soon to Düsseldorf is the incredible Funfair with its extravagant Pink Monday.

As always, English and other original language movies are on screens in the Filmkunstkinos and Cinestar too.

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France Festival

Every year around July 14, Dusseldorf celebrates its amicable relations to "La Grande Nation" with the The Dusseldorfer France Festival. On or around Bastille Day it’s time for Düsseldorf to say say "Vive la France!" with French culinary specialities and amusements.



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Millions of visitors flock to the funfair to enjoy new and traditional funfair rides, roller coasters, carousels and to partake of tasty foods and beverages. Police and protection associations help to ensure safety but traffic restrictions are high and roads are impacted locally.


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Expat Experts in Düsseldorf

In a new country, not only the language differs but also thought processes. Complications and frictions can be reduced by working with specialists that have worked with expats. A possible added advantage is if they have themselves lived abroad and thus experienced being in a similar situation.

International School of Düsseldorf


The International School of Düsseldorf, ISD, offers international families an environment of understanding and first class education. Their caring, well-qualified staff members are quick to integrate children from across the globe to this rather special place of learning.


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Looking at the skyline from one of the bridges that cross the Rhine, Dusseldorf may at first seem rather modest. However fine sights abound with street art, Germany's first skyscraper, the stunning theatre house, the Königsallee hive of luxury and "the longest bar in the world".

The Harbour

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New structures in the harbour have been erected in a rather eclectic and hapazard way to reveal a modern and lively and diverse mix of businesses interspersed with an increasing number of residential properties. Some older buildings have been renovated or extended.


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