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The quirky Dog Event is especially popular for pet owners and fun for event lovers in general; the stunning location is definitely worth seeing.

Expat English speakers who yearn for more stage performances will perhaps adore the quirky All Night Long on the boards in Oberkassel during the last weekend in August. A production from the Sinclair Arts Theater Company based in Düsseldorf.

The 40Grad Urbanart Festival is also a must for those who wish to experience an unusual angle in the sleek state capital. Graffiti, urban art and street art combine with architecure to form an exciting,must see festival.

Coming soon in September are the next Asian event in Düsseldorf, the China Festival, the Stadtwerke Düsseldorf Kö-Lauf for active expats and the long awaited Düsseldorf Festival for magical performances.

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Dog Event

This fascinating day is packed with activities including an agility course, races and diving; and that's just for the dogs. Owners and dog lovers can meet new and old friends, attend seminars and gather all manner of information concerning the care of their four legged friends.

40Grad Urbanart Festival


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Experience graffiti, streetart and urbanart during the festival at the Gustaf-Gründgens-Platz in front of the impressive theatre. The formidable juxtaposition of clean white lines of the buiding, tacky open space and brilliance of the urban art is astounding.


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Expat Experts in Düsseldorf

In a new country, not only the language differs but also thought processes. Complications and frictions can be reduced by working with specialists that have worked with expats. A possible added advantage is if they have themselves lived abroad and thus experienced being in a similar situation.

International School of Düsseldorf


The International School of Düsseldorf, ISD, offers international families an environment of understanding and first class education. Their caring, well-qualified staff members are quick to integrate children from across the globe to this rather special place of learning.


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Looking at the skyline from one of the bridges that cross the Rhine, Dusseldorf may at first seem rather modest. However fine sights abound with street art, Germany's first skyscraper, the stunning theatre house, the Königsallee hive of luxury and "the longest bar in the world".


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The Hyatt Regency is the latest and finest addition to Düsseldorf's collection of highest quality accommodation. The five star hotel is stunning, the location in the media harbour is utterly unique and the ambience of the premises leaves nothing to be desired. The terrace offers a perfect place to chill.


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