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Big city business, small town charm. It’s as simple as that; Düsseldorf punches far above it’s weight. The capital of North Rhine Westphalia is one of those gems that are full of surprises. When I was told to come here the for the first time, I knew it was Germany but that was it. Nowadays more people have a vague idea. Düsseldorf is quite frankly a great place to live; truly cosmpolitan, friendly, exciting and safe.

The British Women’s Club Düsseldorf are hosting the renowned Chapel Choir of Hatfield College Durham University concert on the evening of July 27 at Christ Church.

Those that are debating whether or not to invest in a relocation agency may wish to talk to a professional. Choice of heighbourhood and all aspects of setting up home can often be more beneficial than the hit and miss do it yourself method. The Home and Family section offers much valuable information. School starts again during August so parents may wish to view local international schools.

Helping expats’ lives be a little easier. Amazing Dusseldorf is designed to help expats and all foreign newcomers find what they need and to make life as a resident easier. We sincerely hope we are succeeding in our goal for you.


Gourmet Festival

The Düsseldorf Gourmet Festival is an explosion of impressions for all the senses. Quality wines and other beverages, delicious foods and tasty delicacies are on offer along the stunning Königsallee. Over one hundred exhibitors are packed along the Kö and some 30.000 visitors are expected.

OV Movies and Films in Düsseldorf


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26.7-3.8 Cinestar show Star Trek Beyond, Independence Day, Me Before You, Batman: The Killing Joke in English OV, Two films in Hindi OmU. Filmkunstkinos have Race, Maggies Plan, Wiener Dog, Tangerine, Our Kind of Traitor, The Neon Demon, High Rise in English, La Vache in F, Julieta in ES plus IT, PT OmU.



A view inside the fashion emporia Breuninger in Düsseldorf
© Breuninger

Breuninger brings together fashion, accessories, shoes, beauty and cuisine across a sales area of more than 15,000 square metres. The department store offers a most magnificent shopping experience to discerning customers in the Kö-Bogen, an impressive downtown location.


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MBA Studies

The part-time MBA in General Management of Düsseldorf Business School is primarily designed for participants who have not yet graduated with a degree. The 2016 English language MBA offers studies during evenings and on Saturdays on the university campus in Düsseldorf.

ISR Info Days and Events

Students celebrating graduation on stairwell at the ISR International School Rhine

Parents and students are welcome toatted an ISR info day to get first-hand information about the academic program and extracurricular activities that ISR offer on their modern campus. Feel free to bring friends and family as well as, of course, any questions that perhaps remain unanswered to date.


Finnlines Ferries

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Looking for an exciting summertime or autumn trip? Or thinking of the winter already? Vibrant Helsinki awaits with open arms and delightful atmosphere. And instead of flying try a different route. What better way is there to visit than taking a calm trip with Finnlines and experiencing more delights along the way?


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Immermann-Strasse & Mitte

The Immermannstrasse in Düsseldorf's city centre runs from the central railway station, crosses the Oststrasse and carries on to the Berliner Allee. Entering this street brings the vistor to the heart of the Japanese community, where the eatery scene reveals all aspects of Japan.

The Promenade

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The promenade is a sidewalk on the east banks of the Rhine. On sunny days a fine mix of people can be seen strolling, sitting on the benches, riding bikes, skating, jogging, playing patenque, watching street performers or simply relaxing and enjoying the view.


Public Transport in Düsseldorf

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Courtesy of the Rheinbahn, public transport in Düsseldorf is efficient so waiting is generally kept to a minimum. A densely woven network of subway, trams and buses reveals an opportunity to alight on virtually every corner of one of the most compact cosmopolitan cities in Europe.


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