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Beijing is powerful city, boasting one of the worlds most progressive economies, cutting edge architecture, luxurious shopping malls and hotels, and an overwhelming selection of restaurant and bars. As the political and cultural epicenter of a China that continues to evolve, the feel of the incredibly dynamic energy of growth pulsates through Beijing day and night.

With old and new existing side by side, Beijing is undeniably a city of remarkable contrasts with the towering CBD featuring some of the most cutting edge architecture in the world. This sits side by side with a maze of intimate inner-city alleyways (Hutongs), home to Beijing’s traditional courtyard homes and oldest residents.

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Beijing has them in all shapes and sizes. Over 100 museums with focus on diverse topics are ready to be discovered the the capital. The city and state governments have invested heavily in Beijing's cultural landscape and museum infrastructure.

Things To Do

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As the cultural capital of China, Beijing is always alive and buzzing regardless of the time of day, or day of the week. From pandas in the zoo, the parks and shopping emporia to a multitude of activities on offer, enjoyment is guaranteed.


Holidays & Celebrations

Eastern and western traditions complement each other in Beijing and China in general. The most important time of year is Chinese New Year, with millions travelling home for the celebrations. Important dates naturally include New Year, Easter and Christmas.

THINK Global School

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Living and learning in four countries a year, a THINK Global School education combines an academically rigorous project-based learning curriculum, a competitive 1:5 faculty/student ratio, student-driven and technology-forward teaching philosophies and integrated service learning to create a 360º educational experience.


City Topics

Days of cristal clear skies contrast heavily to those with high levels of smog creating at times disastrous conditions for health and wellbeing. The latter also causes many to reconsider living in Beijing. At other times, the city takes nature in its own hands in an attempt to create rain.

The Location

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Due to Beijing’s venerable history, there is no doubt that this historic city has always been a place worth visiting. Yet, at no other time has Beijing been as prepossessing to the rest of the world as it is today. It's development is astounding.