Are your products or services attractive to our readers? How will they find you? Reach out to them where they inform themselves about their new location.

Our readers are expats, international business professionals and highly trained employees. They belong to one of the most attractive groups of people in the world. Expatriates are well educated and high earning.

Unique targeting

Address new consumers with a full presentation in a language they understand and make a valuable impression on a unique audience!

Amazing Capitals are full of clear, up to date and relevant knowledge. We assist expats to settle into and to live in their new location. Our expat guides are a valuable source of information such as necessary formalities, must do’s, exciting activities and everything else.

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Consumers with needs

Support individuals who do not understand the local language or culture. Help us help them find you. Our holistic approach benefits three areas of this unique community.

The concept offers opportunities to organisations and companies.
Employers of such personnel are able to source reliable information and help keep their staff happy.
Local authorities profit from better informed foreign residents.

Your business visitors benefit from exciting insights too.

Attractive investment

Mail me to request specific details or to book. Join us smoothly and quickly. Clients include city, regional and state authorities, international schools, businesses, entrepreneurs, entertainment, travel and so on.