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*It’s so easy to forget certain things while leading busy expat lives. View a few great places to go out in the Rhine Ruhr region of Germany to help make life easier.

Amazing Capitals reveal inspiring and valuable location based support for expatriates full of relevant knowledge and information. Articles written in English assist foreign professionals settle into and to live in their new location. Here, expats find information such as the necessary formalities and must do’s, things to see and enjoy along with large events as well as ways to contact other people in similar situations.

The location can be selected above. Neuss and Ruhr, Rhine Ruhr and Dusseldorf are on this site. Beijing, Cracow and Prague are still available in original formats. Enjoy and stay in touch.


Shopping in Rhine Ruhr

One vast difference between Europe's third large urban centre compared to London and Paris and becomes apparent when shopping. As a polycentric metropolis, the Rhine Ruhr region possesses many large towns and cities that serve as a shopper's paradise in their own right.

Shakespeare Festival Neuss


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The Bard may have died four hundred years ago but his legacy lives on in Neuss where a wonderfully international Shakespeare Festival takes place at the Globe. The twenty sixteen season sees ten performances in English by three companies from Britain, one in French and several in German.


CentrO Oberhausen

© Ruhr Tourismus / Ralph Lueger

The CentrO in Oberhausen is the largest shopping and recreational centre in Europe. With over 200 stores the mall is huge, offering a fantastic shopping experience in an atmosphere that is fun and inspiring. A enormous range of shops and stores await enthusiastic consumers.


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In our three orthodontic practices we promote a minimally invasive orthodontic approach and aim to prevent the extraction of remaining teeth. Register yourself and your child at any early stage for a consultation (starting age 6 years old).

Pets in Rhine Ruhr

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Keeping a pet on a leash is a must in urban areas except when inside special pens and most of the wilder open spaces along the river banks or open countryside. Surprisingly for some, dogs are also allowed on public transport and inside restaurants unless otherwise stated.


German Sherpa

© German Sherpa

German Sherpa’s goal is to accompany new employees before, during and after the settling-in period. We know the great challenges for international employees. That's why we have launched a 10-point plan for successfully dealing with your employees first steps and relocation to Germany.


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The major rivers in the Ruhr Metropolis, the Emscher, Lippe, Rhine and Ruhr, offer open spaces for recreation and quality of life. Some three hundred waterworks along the banks of the Ruhr purify and prepare its water while continuous and diligent analysis guarantees high water quality.


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Crossing a street in Germany to this day still reveals a discipline that is seldom experienced elsewhere. When the red light is showing at a pedestrian crossing, people mostly wait for a green one. Often for excruciatingly long periods on completely empty streets.


Mayor's Greeting

© Josef Hovenjürgen

The Ruhr Metropolis offers excellent professional perspectives, countless opportunities for study and ideal locations for business in the heart of Europe. As a qualified professional, entrepreneur or student, it is here that you will discover the best conditions to both start and develop your career.


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