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Amazing Capitals offer and inspiring and valuable location based source of solid support for expatriates full of clear and relevant knowledge. Written in the international language of business, they assist foreign professionals settle into and to live in their new location. Here, expats find information such as the necessary formalities and must do’s, things to see and enjoy as well as ways to contact other people in similar situations.

The location can be selected above. Neuss and Ruhr, Rhine Ruhr and Dusseldorf are ready. Bonn and Cologne follow later, while Beijing, Cracow and Prague are still available in original formats. Enjoy.


Summer Excursion

Spend wonderful summer days visiting the unique region of the Ruhr, Europe's most underestimated metropolitan region full of surprises. Attractions include funfairs, festivals, exhibitions, shopping in many cities and malls, LegoLand® Discovery Centre, Movie Park and Sea Life.

OV Movies and Films in Düsseldorf


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The movie "Minions" has hit the screen in original English language in Cinestar this week. "Ted 2" and "Jurassic World" are other favourites. "The Railway Man" in English and "Les Combattants" in French OmU original are showing in the Filmkunstkinos alongside "Love and Mercy", "Dior and I" and "Chef".


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Shopping in Ruhr

Registration in Düsseldorf

Generally, anyone who plans to remain in the state capital of Düsseldorf for more than three months will need to register with the local authority (Einwohnermeldeamt), ideally within the first week after arrival. Everything then depends much on country of birth and nationality.

International School of Düsseldorf


The International School of Düsseldorf, ISD, offers international families an environment of understanding and first class education. Their caring, well-qualified staff members are quick to integrate children from across the globe to this rather special place of learning.


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International School Ruhr Rechts- und Steuerberatung Schmidt Progedo

Urban Feel

Dusseldorf is a modern, pulsating city with many beautiful sights such the picturesque Königsalle and the view from riverside promenade on the banks of the Rhine. Combing international flair with stylish elegance, its Rhenish cheerfulness makes Düsseldorf a great choice as a place for expats to live.

Sleeping Over

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Most higher quality hotels can be found in the business and commercial centres while more mid range accommodations can be located towards the periphery of urban areas too. Exhibitions and conferences in places such as Dortmund, Essen, Düsseldorf, Cologne and Bonn, can create the need for early booking.


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