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Amazing Capitals offer and inspiring and valuable location based source of solid support for expatriates full of clear and relevant knowledge. Written in the international language of business, they assist foreign professionals settle into and to live in their new location. Here, expats find information such as the necessary formalities and must do’s, things to see and enjoy as well as ways to contact other people in similar situations.

The location can be selected above. Neuss and Ruhr, Rhine Ruhr and Dusseldorf are ready. Bonn and Cologne follow later, while Beijing, Cracow and Prague are still available in original formats. Enjoy.



The Triennale is characterised by its distinctive mix of genres. Performances, dance, opera, theatre, concerts and art attract many fascinating national and international performers and participants. Revitalising disused industrial buildings, events are held in exciting venues.

Düsseldorf Festival


© Christophe Raynaud De Lage

The annual cultural festival for performing arts, düsseldorf festival!, is one of the events to remember when in the city. Impressive and extremely diverse artistic shows performed within an intimate atmosphere promise most memorable experiences.


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Those moving to Neuss will find that in Germany everyone taking up residency needs to register. In general, anyone who plans to remain here for more than three months will need to visit the local authorities, ideally within the first week after arrival. The process in Neuss is thankfully straightforward.

International School Ruhr

© IS Ruhr

Founded in August 2010, the International School Ruhr (IS Ruhr) in Essen is ideally situated to serve expatriate families in the whole of the Ruhr region. It offers an exciting new environment for educating young international children from countries across the globe.


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The major rivers in the Ruhr Metropolis, the Emscher, Lippe, Rhine and Ruhr, offer open spaces for recreation and quality of life. Some three hundred waterworks along the banks of the Ruhr purify and prepare its water while continuous and diligent analysis guarantees high water quality.

Street Art

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Many examples of street art can be found tucked away in residential side streets and more openly on house frontages or bridges. Kiefernstrasse is an exciting street to visit. In Düsseldorf, graffiti has outlived its day and property or vehicles are less defaced in most places.


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